Welcome to the SPS Group

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The "Solid Processing Systems Group BV” is based in Deventer, the Netherlands.

The “SPS Group BV” has introduced the newest and most advanced generation of conical screw processors. Years of experience in conical screw engineering and manufacturing has enabled SPS Group BV to develop and design the most efficient and maintenance-free conical screw dryers/processors called the Saturn.

The experience and knowledge of SPS Group BV will allow our company to benefit from the most advanced design with the Saturn conical screw dryers/processors. The Saturn is today’s highest performance production tool with a drive system that prevents any lubrication from contaminating the customer’s products for a variety of industrial applications including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals, food, cosmetics, plastics and rubbers.

The SPS Group BV has delivered dryers/processors to the leading pharmaceutical and the fine chemical manufacturers in the world. The Saturn dryer/processors have been delivered to these major companies in Europe and North America for plastic resin processing, drying of pyrophoric material and catalyst, drying pharmaceutical powders, blending and granulating pharmaceutical powders and vitamins, and food products.

Should you have any questions in connection with our range of Saturn conical screw dryer/processors, please contact us.
We are, of course, at your disposal to give you additional information and to show you the latest drawings and photographs of our equipment and to discuss your application.

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